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Skype videocalling with mobile coming in 2011?

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Skype to offer mobile video?

Unified communications in the consumer world is taking the next step. After Apple making Facetime videocalling available form the iPhone4 and iPod Touch to a Mac computer. Others are responding. Cisco introduced Umi which had a connection capability with Google Video chat.

Now  it is spotted by Redmondpie that Skype will introduce Skype Video for Mobile devices, where specifically video support for the iPhone was mentioned.

Of coure the introduction of the iPhone4 greatly introduced an attractiveness for mobile video with it’s powerfull platform, front- and backfacing camera’s and ofcourse multi-tasking support so someone can always reach you on your Skype application.

Connection methods would be to support Wifi and 3G, but i’ve done video on my 3G network before and the connectivity method just can’t handle the experience or it can be just my buggy dutch T-Mobile network . Download speed is quite acceptable but especially the upload speeds just can’t handle it.

Skype Mobile Video would be supported also the iPhone 3, but it would be difficult videoconferencing with no frontfacing camera. So it would be more gimmick testing.

See the page here where Redmondpie has caught the helppage where the description was mentioned on what will be supported

Skype is supposedly planning to announce the feature on the Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in the beginning of januari. They have planned a press conference on januari the 6th, will they announce this upcoming feature? Look here for the CES press release program

As a promoter of interconnecting video amongst a range of devices, vendors and applications, I welcome this capability and even though I hardly use skype today, I think I will be using Skype in the future.

My Apple Facetime only works with other iPhone4’s (so far i only know 2 people, who have one) or with an Apple Facetime on the Mac (only know one person). And also it’s just not practical for mobile video.

I am not a big fan of Skype due to the proprietary protocols and it’s closed nature of it’s p2p architecture, but it has a lot of users (even my father uses Skype). So I would reach a wider audience with the new capability. When will it be just like you average phone, where you can dial the whole world with a 10-digit number, no matter how they are connected?

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  1. #Skype #video calling with #iphone coming in 2011? #ucoms #telepresence #videoconferencing

    • Djeekcom on December 29, 2010 at 15:04

    #Skype #video calling with #iphone coming in 2011? #ucoms #telepresence #videoconferencing #ces

    • djeekcom on December 29, 2010 at 15:04

    #Skype #video calling with #iphone coming in 2011? #ucoms #telepresence #videoconferencing #ces

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