Dec 13

Microsoft Teams, first view on voice dialing

I was working my with my Office 365 tenat last week to do a trial on Skype Enterprise voice within Office 365, Skype Online. I did a trail with the E5 package and the Domestic Call plan to get Skype Online Enterprise Voice. In the Admin portal I had to assign Enterprise Voice to my Skype account. Since I live in the Netherlands I could not get a new number from the portal directly (like in the US), but had to fill in a PSTN number request form. Everything got in today. My Skype Online Admin portal looked like this with a local number from my area:






When enabling users for Skype Enterprise Voice you get the following 3 extra tabs on the left side:

  1. voice to enable enterprise voice
  2. call routing (for auto attendant and call queues)
  3. audio conferencing

What you see in this view is the assigned number to my Skype Online client and two numbers which i will intend to use on the auto attendant and the call queue.

Currently (december 2018) Microsoft has launched Skype Online Enterprise Voice in the following countries (several more are in preview)











By enabling your Skype Online account for Enterprise Voice the following will show up on your account when you go to a person:






For the people familiar with Skype Enterprise Voice you see the following dial-pad















And when you want to configure you simultanous ring of call-forwarding you can use these settings:












Now when I ring my mobile I see the following:













So for the people used to Enterprise Voice this is not so special. It is nice then the Netherlands is now supported with calling from Office 365. Now what happened yesterday that I saw the blog post from Microsoft that in a few hours all tenants would support voice on the Microsoft Teams client as well.


A lot of people know, Microsoft has announced on recent Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando that the Microsoft Skype Online client will over time be replaced with the Microsoft Teams client. The roadmap can be found here:


So yesterday Microsft came with the following announcement and what is the case, I could use the Enterprise Voice with the Teams Client as well with the same phone number. This looked like the following:


On the left side you can see ä tab “calls”. I could dial in and out directly like I could with my Skype Online account. On the bottom left you see the dial pad.

On the top left you see contacts:

Then History

Then Voicemail



When you call someone you see the following view:














Ok when I call my number it also made my Skype Mobile client ring, not my Teams mobile client (which also does not show the calling tab yet).

First view and impression is nice and it required zero extra configuration. Of the next months I will further test the client and also look into designs to consider hybrid voice with bring your own sip trunk.

I am very curious on how the coming year Microsoft will live up their roadmap and more importantly ensure that the Skype on-premise 2015 and coming 2019 will continue to be able work with Teams in the Cloud and that all modalities will work, not only unified presence, but also also peer-2-peer meeting, mixed conference with all modalities like video and desktopsharing. Keep you posted.

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