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Jun 05

Microsoft Lync 2010 and Mobility support on Apple, Android and Windows devices

December 2011. Microsoft releases an announcement Apple style and announce the availability for mobile clients within a week. Support is promised for the Windows Phone, Apple iPhone and iPad and Android mobile phones. Microsoft is providing broad cross platform support, important missing platform to date is the Blackberry devices from Research in Motion (RIM). Details …

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Dec 29 Daily is out

Find here the daily, it is created on a daily bases automatically from the @djeekcom tweets and the people it follows. You may be able to get your tweets in the paper.

Aug 25

Applications for Videoconferencing – Collaboration

Has been a busy day. Via Twitter I picked up this good example of combining Telepresence, together with WebEx (for documentsharing. It is branded as Active Collaboration Rooms (ACR).  Clip explains all the things a good marketingclip is supposed to do: explaining High Level the solution describing the application (functionality) and showing it (advantage of …

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Aug 11

How to Blog succesfully?

As you may have noticed this Blog is quite new. I think in a very short time I was able to create a decent page with a small amount of effort. In the past I had been creating my own HTML code. I came to the conclusion that I was not a webdesigner and my …

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