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Aug 29

The Internet as a Business Transport Medium, a low ROI or risky business?

More and more enterprises today are using the internet. Not only as a destination for browsing or accessing their SaaS / Cloud Services, but also as replacement for private connectivity. Business traffic is then encrypted into IPsec tunnels and transported over the internet between two business locations. Main driver is the perceived cost benefit. The …

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Aug 28

Orange Business boosting cloud capabilities by acquiring Alsy

Yesterday Orange Business Services announced they acquiring Alsy, one of the leading integrators of Microsoft communications solutions in France. Take a look here for the press release. Alsy was one of the larger Microsoft partners in France, adding another 140 Microsoft specialists to the already good capabilities of Orange Business Services. Orange has set a …

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Aug 16

x-ways to make Telepresence Succesful

the relationship between your Unified Communications project and Telepresence. Think before you choose

Aug 16

Networking sub page

connecting the world

Hi all, Thanks for all the good reactions on my page. For the ones interested in some networking links, be sure to check out the new networking tab at the blog. If you think essential companies or technologies are missing, let me know on the comment below on the page and i’ll add them …

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Aug 05

Keeping up with the explosive growth of the internet

Verizon and Google, the logic behind paying for quality

Jul 31

Intercompany Telepresence

Videoconferencing is on the rise. But within a company there is only a limited amount of units/people you can dial. The future is that you call people/rooms outside your company. If there are no quality wishes the internet is adequate. However if you are in the telepresence area, quality is of absolute important. It might …

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