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Jan 24

Microsoft Teams Voice dialing – a closer look

This blogs takes a closer look at Microsoft Teams voice dialing and functionalities in Microsoft Office 365. This blog is a snapshot what it can to do today. A lot more is promised in a one year roadmap by Microsoft.

Feb 05

Skype4Business, upcoming voice (OPUS) codec. Will it be in there? No, not in initial release

All Unified Communications vendors talk SIP nowadays, but the SIP standards leaves so much room for vendor additions that different SIP implementations do not automatically talk to each other. That’s why often a Session Border Controller is need for voice or video to make sure things are made compatible. Let’s talk a about codecs currently used …

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Dec 29 Daily is out

Find here the daily, it is created on a daily bases automatically from the @djeekcom tweets and the people it follows. You may be able to get your tweets in the paper.

Nov 17

Will the Microsoft Lync 2010 introduction change the Unified Communications Landscape of tomorrow?

Summary of the Microsoft Lync 2010 launch event and partner press releases.

Aug 22

Security acquisition surprise

Well here is an acquisition that most people did not see coming. McAfee a pure play security vendor that previously acquired companies like Secure Computing, RSA and Network Intelligence is now acquired by a Chipmaker, namely Intel.  See the press release @ Intel to acquire McAfee Intel being dominant in every PC is trying to keep …

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Aug 11

How to Blog succesfully?

As you may have noticed this Blog is quite new. I think in a very short time I was able to create a decent page with a small amount of effort. In the past I had been creating my own HTML code. I came to the conclusion that I was not a webdesigner and my …

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Jul 31

Hello world, welcome to Djeek's Blog!

Welcome to Djeek. This’s is my first post with on the Djeek’s Blog. Idea is to write about ICT related issues from both a business and technical angle. Some topics that you can expect are: Unified Communications, Collaboration, Videoconferencing, Global Networks / ISP, Security and much more.