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Jun 05

Microsoft Lync 2010 and Mobility support on Apple, Android and Windows devices

December 2011. Microsoft releases an announcement Apple style and announce the availability for mobile clients within a week. Support is promised for the Windows Phone, Apple iPhone and iPad and Android mobile phones. Microsoft is providing broad cross platform support, important missing platform to date is the Blackberry devices from Research in Motion (RIM). Details …

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Dec 09

Martini Video: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Place and Any Device

Using video conferencing on the mobile devices is creating a wide adoption and is already seeing a big market growth. How do you navigate yourself between the proper technologies and build yourself a roadmap for the coming next years.

Dec 30

Skype Mobile Video on iPhone released

Yesterday I was writing about that Skype was about to release video support on their Skype iPhone client in 2011. Actually today it was already released.  Take a look here to find the details at the Skype for iPhone page. I tried it out with two accounts, take a look here at some screenshots below: …

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Dec 29

Skype videocalling with mobile coming in 2011?

Unified communications in the consumer world is taking the next step. After Apple making Facetime videocalling available form the iPhone4 and iPod Touch to a Mac computer. Others are responding. Cisco introduced Umi which had a connection capability with Google Video chat. Now  it is spotted by Redmondpie that Skype will introduce Skype Video for …

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Sep 05

Apple Facetime – Open Standard?!

With the release of the iPhone4, Apple is trying to move boundaries yet again. This time with the use of Facetime, a video application current only available for iPhone4 users, soon also for the new release of iPod Touch users. It is currently only supported over a Wifi connection and not 3G/EDGE or LTE. Apple …

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Aug 20

Video 4.0 – Look at Telepresence approach by ROI or Cost side?

Within IT space you see a real shift on who is interested in Collaboration and Videoconferencing.  It’s not the IT manager or the CIO at a corporation. They see this usually as an headache, a lot of technical complexity and a huge cost. A higher cost than that’s affordable in their current budget. In the …

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Aug 02

Video between Apple and the standards based world

A while ago (about 4 months ago), Tandberg R&D made attached videoclip, showing how it would look like how to experience video on the iPhone3. Of course this version did not have a front facing camera. Now Apple has released the iPhone4 with the video application called Facetime. Sadly this only works when someone is …

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